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Meet the Creator | Chalaé Lindsey

Her name is Chalaé Lindsey, also known as the edgy chick. She's the creator and owner of a jewelry company called Code Edge, based in Raleigh, NC. Her jewelry is inspired by the 90's and Y2K era and perfect for the edgy queens and retro feens. She gets her inspiration from mix of movies, shows and hairstyles from this era and then transforms it into art.

Code edge specializes in lightweight earrings so you can still stand out with big and bold pieces without weighing your ears down. The company also offers a selection of dope chains and hair jewelry as well.

Most jewelry pieces are designed and handmade by Chalaé. Some pieces are handpicked to fit the edgy style. Either way you are getting something DOPE! Jewelry is like the icing on top of a cake and with Code Edge Jewelry, you have no choice but to stand out and be noticed!

"Our jewelry is not perfect and that's what makes it edgy. We strive on being perfectly imperfect and that explains our brand."

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